Conduct a Cost Analysis of Your Home Visiting Program

Section 2: Calculating Program Costs

This cost tool is meant to be a resource for program managers nationwide (as well as other researchers) in conducting a simple cost-benefit analysis on their program.

Is your program ready for cost analysis?

To determine what kind of cost analysis you might be able to conduct for your home visiting program, you need to assess the type and amount of data your program has available, in addition to the accessibility of the data (e.g., if all data are in paper files, your cost analysis will be more time consuming and may not even be feasible).

To determine your program’s readiness, and to determine what type of analysis is feasible and appropriate, complete the following sections of the tutorial.

1.   Do you have a program budget showing expenditures for the most recently completed fiscal year? (You will be using this information to complete the next sections.)